Changing Directions

by Pastor Paul Moody

On a Sunday in mid-January, the Adventure Club saw the film Selma, which tells the story of the 1965 Civil Rights campaign to secure equal voting rights. At the end of the film, we sat in silence, deeply impacted by the powerful story we had just witnessed. One person from our group noted that it felt like Good Friday: heavy and hopeless. Perhaps it revealed parts of our human experience that we’d rather ignore.

Now as I sit here today, at a table in my favorite downtown café, I’m watching the Broadway traffic ebb and flow. It reminds me of the push and pull of our life together as people of faith, both through the years and through the seasons. Life has a way of surprising us, both in good ways and in hard ways, and yet God’s Spirit continually goes with us, uncovering the Way of Christ in our world.

As we approach Lent, one of the themes is turning around and changing direction in life. In biblical language, we call that “repentance”. Yet, that is oftentimes easier to talk about than to actually live and do every day. But perhaps that’s why God’s Spirit is our advocate, our guide, and our breathe of life when we need it most. I give thanks for the gift of that Spirit that goes with us always, through each season and change in life.

Women of the ELCA News

Mount Olive Women of the ELCA would like to thank the congregation for their generous support at the Congregational Meeting.

The funds collected will be used for quilts, LWR kits, Triennial Gathering scholarships and other ministries in the community and around the world. We also want to thank the many hands that made salads, bars, or helped in the kitchen. Mount Olive is filled with people who are generous with their time and finances. Also, many thanks are extended to Nancy Britson for her leadership in organizing this event. She is instrumental in making this event run smoothly.

This month we are collecting supplies for Lutheran World Relief Baby Care Kits. Some of the items needed are diapers, diaper pins, baby socks, cotton t-shirts (no onesies), and dark hand towels. Jolene Baker will be available between services with a complete list of items needed. In March the congregation will help in assembling the kits.

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  • Wednesday Evenings Jan 7 - Feb 18:
    5:30 Pack Backpacks for JA Students
    5:45 Dinner
    6:30 Classes for all ages
    - Adults: "Discovering Joy"
    - Intergenerational: "Strengths Finder"
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    - Nursery: Age 0 - Kindergarten

  • Welcome New Members!
    New members will be received at worship services on Saturday, January 31 and Sunday, February 1. A reception will follow each service. If you are interested in membership, please contact Nancy Britson, New Member Coordinator.

  • Call Committee Formed:
    The Call Committee is in place and has begun their work.

  • Little Leapers February 1:
    Parents of newborns through tots not yet in Sunday School come and join in conversation and fellowship. Meet in the high school youth room on Sunday, February 1 from 9:15 - 10:15 am.


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